Get Involved And

I came into Senate my first year, just hoping to get involved and meet new people. Now, four years later serving as President, I not only met some of my best friends, but I've developed professionally and been able to implement numerous projects around campus for a better student experience.
Lauren Azer
Student Senate has enabled me to make many connections and has given me a lot of professional experience. Senate has given me the opportunity to meet with deans, directors, and other administrators and enact change at NJIT as a leading student voice.
Eric Huang
I joined Senate to make a change. Along the way, I have gained friends, attended amazing events, and got some really cool merch. Moving from being a student-at-large to being the Vice President of Finance has provided me with professional development, allowed me to help others to the best of my ability, and make valuable improvements to the systems utilized by NJIT. Join Senate and be the change you want to see!
Nahomy Zuniga
Working with the senators broadened my knowledge on the Academic Program at NJIT, and introduced me to problems while giving me a gateway to potentially solve them. I love working with differing opinions and getting closer to my administration, and I believe it's always important to keep in touch with your school!  🦈🦈🦈🦈
Larissa Cavalcante

Senator Expectations


1. Attend weekly general body meetings on Wednesdays from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm
2. Have a cumulative GPA > 2.5 and a previous semester GPA > 2.3
3. Serve on at least one Student Senate Standing Committee​
4. Hold office hours each week
5. Attend all Student Senate events
6. Perform all duties as assigned by the President

College Representative

1. Meet with the dean of their respective college/school at least twice per semester.
2. Meet with the Vice President of Administration twice a semester to give progress update.
3. Chair a College-wide meeting, or individually meet with with all of the Major Representatives within their college once a semester​
4. Monitor major representatives in their respective college/school and ensure they are working towards their respective goals.
5. Perform all duties of all vacant positions within their respective college/school.

Major Representative

1. Meet with the chairperson of their respective department at least once a semester.​
2. Periodically provide their College Representative with an update on their goals.
3. Attend a College-wide meeting, or individually meet with their respective College Representative once a semester.

Senior Class President

1. Plan the NJIT Semi-Formal.
2. Plan all Senior Class social events.

Freshman Representative

1. Act as liaisons between their class, the Advising Success Center, and the Learning Communities.
2. Submit a report to the Vice President of Administration at least once per semester.
3. Represent their class in their respective Student Senate committee and advise the Student Senate on how to address Freshman Class issues.

Be The Change You Wanna See
Join Senate as a Student-At-Large or fill a Vacant Position today, each day is a step towards a brighter future or NJIT!
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